Role Game Designer

Valhalla Kumba is a 2D shoot’em up made on demand for Gameloft, the game is entirely free to play and has a monetisation system. Our team had 2 weeks to give a prototype.

I worked on the Game Design Document, the play-test forms, the behaviour documents, the asset list and the whole monetisation system (in-app purchase, hard money, soft money).

About the Game

What makes Valhalla Kumba special is that he brings the “street pass” function (only seen on the Nintendo DS) to the phones using the cellular network and Bluetooth. This way players can interact together when they cross each other in the street, send informations such as bonuses, ghosts*, money and more.

In the game, the player has to prevent monsters from reaching the Viking Disco Club. You’re loosing life (represented by the red carpet) every time a monster enters the club. The coolest part is that if you already crossed a VK player using the street pass function, then you’re able to use his ghost* in order to help you in your game and make a better score.

*the ghost is a player progression saved by the game.