Role Lead Game Designer, Level Designer

Manhattan, 1970.
You’re a young and talented architect coming for work, the taxi guides you to a wonderful Hotel where you can spend the night. You fall asleep, everything seems fine.
But all of a sudden, you wake up in the same hotel room in 1920 and the staff is trying to kill you. Your only tool in order to survive is your room key, able to trigger special powers and open/close every single door of the Hotel.
Will you make it ? Will you find a way to get back in 1970 ?

My Missions
In charge of the Game design decisions, I lead and plan all the Game Design tasks for the whole game production.
I also work on the Level Design, finding ways to build interesting situations based on the core mechanics of the game.

First person Anguish/Fantastic Game with stealth mechanics.
Work in progress, expected in July 2017.

Art Prototype
First Test Gameplay