Role Game Designer, Programmer

Remains is an Action/Adventure game with an isometric view. This project was made for the Hits Playtime Contest, our team was composed of 5 persons.

I was in charge of the Game Design document, I basically worked on the whole content of the game (player mechanics, enemy behaviours, level design, tutorial, objectifs, etc…). I also made some documents to ease the programming part (behaviours, menu hierarchy).

About the Game

In Remains, you play Mai, resident of a foreign planet. Her role is to protect a stele (moving stone) in order to send a message to other civilisations. The stele gives to Mai a lot of powers that she can use whenever she wants. However, each of these skills are double-edged. If one of them offers an advantage to Mai, it also disadvantage the stele. The player will have to be careful with how he uses them.

About Art

We opted for a clean aesthetic, based on flat tints and shades of bright colors to recreate a strange atmosphere and put the player on an unknown planet. We’ve particularly been inspired by Shapes of the world or Monument Valley, but also the illustrator Kevin Phung and the work of Mirai Mizue.

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